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The world of tattooing continues to merge with the world of the latest technology in fascinating ways. Tattoos are basically wonderful permanent decoration on the body, but there may be instances when you might need to cover them. Neo Innovations is here to help you out by providing unique and effective products for tattoo fading. You can have full coverage that makes your ink disappear.

Neo Innovations has developed incredible amazing tattoo concealers; these concealers help to fade all tattoos. If you are worried about hiding your tattoos, this will cover up amazingly and also keep your mind at ease. Unlike many other concealers, these concealers do not require a setting powder. These advanced formulas do not cause any long term issues if you are using them correctly.

Skin type:

Tattoo fix process

The most important thing to consider when choosing a tattoo concealer is your skin type. If you are choosing the concealer according to the skin type, it will surely work perfectly. There are four categories for Neo Innovations tattoo fix concealers:


We are using Bentonite clay as a base. It has numerous detoxing properties. 95% of tattoo inks are based on iron oxide which is positively charged. Due to these amazing properties, people have been using bentonite clay in order to remove and fade tattoos for many years. Bentonite clay serves as a very powerful natural detoxifier.

Now no worries at all, you can conceal your tattoos and get the amazing benefits from Neo Innovations concealers. These concealers are very simple to use. All you need to do is to apply and blend with any cosmetic sponge. This product works so well when getting tattoo removal or fading treatments.

Benefits of Neo Innovations concealers:

There are numerous benefits of using Neo Innovations fading concealers. Some of them are as follows:


We are offering you tattoo concealers at affordable prices that will surely fit in your budget. If you are seeking long lasting and full coverage, remember that you must buy a concealer according to the skin type.


For instance, if you want to fade your tattoos, Neo Innovations concealers are best. You can temporarily hide your tattoos and there is no need to wear long sleeves to cover them.

No scars:

Our aim is to satisfy our customers with our amazing products. They feel so satisfied after concealing the tattoos when going out because it does not have any disadvantages. The right blend of concealer can leave your skin looking natural with no traces of ink.

Highly pigmented:

Finding the right concealer for fading tattoos can be challenging. These concealers are very much popular among tattoo artists. We are offering the right combination of tattoo concealers which are highly pigmented and it will be settled into fine lines.

There is no other method which is 100% guaranteed to work depending on the type of skin and tattoo, you are planning to conceal. We assure you that the effectiveness of concealing is totally connected with your personal ability to use Neo Innovations products. All in all, these amazing concealers come with the combination of an appropriate formula with the right skin type in the right environment.

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