Fading tattoo with pen

Do you want to hide tattoos? There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on the unwanted tattoo. Neo Innovations has come up with amazing techniques and tools for fading tattoos. Mostly, people avoid laser treatment because it is very expensive and painful; needless to say, it has side effects too. In earlier days, people used several natural home remedies, but it takes longer to remove or hide tattoos.

That is why multi-purpose tattoo fading pens are so popular nowadays. They can easily help you to dull unwanted tattoos at home effortlessly. These advanced pens take very less time to hide tattoos effectively and quickly. We are offering best multi-purpose tattoo fading pens with multiple modes of adjustment levels and needles that are used for different skin types. Due to advanced technology, these pens diminish tattoos without any bleeding or hurting.

Advanced multi-purpose pens:

Tattoo fading new innovations

Neo Innovations multi-purpose pens for tattoo fading are available with an upgraded chip and voltage stability. Our pens will continuously work for more than five hours once it is charged fully. Neo Innovation multi-purpose pens can be used for multiple reasons:

  • Tattoo fading
  • Inspecting tattoo needle depth
  • Inspecting ink depth

Choosing the best multi-purpose pen:

It is very important to be careful while choosing a tattoo fading pen. In this way, you will stay away from all side effects which may be due to the laser treatment or other natural remedies. We focus on cleanliness, affordability, and durability. These things play an important role if you are looking for a tattoo fading pen. Our pens are very affordable and can be easily used for small tattoos. Thus, if you are looking for the best tattoo pens, you can check out the best designs of Neo Innovations.

Our pens are designed with amazing technology and it comes with an AB polymer Lithium battery. You can charge it easily and enjoy a safer experience. Our devices are easy to carry around. They can also have a fluorescent detection which is more user-friendly and durable.

Neo Innovations mini tattoo multi-purpose pen:

Mini tattoo pens are designed for inspecting ink depth of small tattoos. This device has lesser power than the replacement bulb. It can easily inspect the ink depth which is very important for gradually diminishing tattoos. Firstly, you have to clean your skin before using the pen. After that hold a device at a slight angle and adjust the settings. The light will start illuminating the skin around the tattoo area. It is advised not to leave the device over an area for a duration longer than 10 seconds. The device will start breaking up the dark pigment and effectively start fading the tattoo.

Some features of Neo Innovations pens:

These are magical pens because their frequency can be adjusted as required. We have adopted the technology which improves your skin with incredible speed. Due to frequency adjustments, these pens are highly convenient. They result in no bleeding and no burning as we are using a unique electric ion technology. These devices are easy to operate both by tattoo artists or any layman.

We have a broad range of multi-purpose pens available with a complete kit. The rapid energy breaks up the pigment directly and you can have the best treatment effects. So, if you are worried about getting rid of your tattoos, simply visit our website. Shop from us as our quality is guaranteed with no side effects.

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