Professional Tattoo Fading Device

Getting rid of tattoos is a growing concern among people who get a tattoo as a trend but later want to get rid of it, for some reason or the other. People who are having tattoos might want to get a new tattoo instead of an old one. Neo Innovations provides some unique tattoo fading products; the company is providing some of the best and easy ways of fading tattoos.

In older times, you needed to visit a doctor or plastic surgeon for removing or fading a tattoo, but now there is a wide range of arrangements and tricks which we are offering. There are multiple tattoo fading devices having advanced features. Our devices are having a leading edge in the tattoo diminishing technology. Our remarkable inventions fade tattoos at a less cost as compared to other laser treatments.

Fading tattoos have become so easy:

Professional Tattoo fading

If you want to hide your tattoos conveniently at home - no worries, no regret. We have an effective solution for you. We bring the new and improved Tattoo Shop Multi Purpose Pen for you which contains rechargeable cells and two powerful cell bulbs. This device works so effective and fulfills your tattoo disappearance needs.

Different models:

The Tattoo Shop Multi-Purpose Pen variable model is available which can be used for small areas. This device works perfectly. Other models are also available which are commonly used by tattoo artists which help to determine tattoo needle ink depth. All you need to do is simply place the tip next to the tattoo area and press the button. The light will start spreading throughout the skin. If you can easily see the light under the tattoo area it means that you are not applying ink deep enough into the skin.


The InkVak is used for:

  • Tattoo fading
  • Inspecting ink depth
  • Inspecting needle depth

The InkVak is specially designed for neck, hand and fingers tattoos. It creates an atmospheric chamber around the area. The product is available along with powerful neodymium magnets.

The product is very effective and no other tattoo fading device is using neodymium magnetism and vacuum to maximize the efficiency of this treatment. It only uses 3.8 to 4.8 volts which is very safe for home use. So, we are offering this device which doesn't even break or harm the surface of the skin.

We are giving you some interesting insight by introducing you to the InkVak. We have completely changed our design to satisfy our customers. Our products have a broad spectrum of light which is covered with a magnetic tip.

It is advisable to buy the Tattoo Shop Multi-Purpose Pen as it helps you to fade tattoos conveniently. Our new designs are completely amazing and used by multiple tattoo artists and can be used by practically any adult. You just have a one-time expense and you can save hundreds of dollars. In this way, you don’t need any other treatment for fading tattoos.

What are you waiting for? Start hiding your tattoos with the the Tattoo Shop Multi-Purpose Pen today. After using them, you can have an incredible experience with a little bit of ink and a tad of pigment. Purchase these remarkable tattoo new ink vaporizers today and adjust the settings as per the test spots.

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