Neo Innovations Tattoo Shop Multi-Purpose Pen Old Design Clearance

Neo Innovations Tattoo Needle / Ink Depth Tool

$ 60.00

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Neo Innovations Tattoo Shop Multi-Purpose Pen Clearance / Older Model

Neo Innovations Tattoo Shop Multi-Purpose Pen can be used for:

  • Inspecting Tattoo Ink Depth
  • Tattoo Fading
  • Tattoo Needle Depth

Proper Tattoo Ink Depth is crucial to having dark consistent line work and vibrant colors. There are many methods to help a new artist develop the proper Needle / Ink Depth Technique. Using The Neo Needle / Ink Depth Tool takes the guess work out. You simply place the tip near the freshly tattoo'd area. Adjust the settings and press the button. The light will illuminate the skin around the tattoo'd area. If you can see light coming up through the tattoo, You Did Not Tattoo The Ink Deep Enough. This Tattoo Shop Multi-Purpose Pen is a must-have for tattoo shops and others wanting to have more control over their ink.

Notes: Do not flash on your skin for longer than 5 seconds as this could cause blistering and tattoo fading. Battery has been known to not last as long as our new design. For this reason, you will receive two batteries. No Refunds!

Replacement Bulb #3